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Our History

The Rock Church had the first service on April 22, 2007 and was started because of the prompting of the Holy Spirit by our Pastor, Roger Dilley (following his ministry preparation at Central Theological College). After 13 months of seeking the Lord for direction, we began in the conference room of the Comfort Suites on Dupont Road. After 6 months we outgrew the conference room and God provided a place nearby at the Leo Crossing Shopping Center where we met for the next 3 1/2 years. After seeing the amazing spiritual growth of many new believers—as well many seasoned ones—we outgrew that space as well. We were excited to find a more lasting location for the next 10 years on St. Joe Road across from Shoaff Park. It was a wonderful place until God gave us the opportunity to have a permanent home where we are now in Leo, Indiana at 11225 Grabill Road!


Through the years there have been many lives transformed by the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ, the truths of the Word of God being taught, and by the power of the Holy Spirit through the ministry of this gathering of believers. The call God gave us at the beginning, and what has always been the heart of this church, is to expand the Kingdom of God even though that meant that many have gone out from here to minister in other areas and churches.  We were never called to build our own Kingdom but God’s. We aren’t in competition but expansion for Jesus and the glory of God! As believers in Jesus, and brothers and sisters through the blood of Christ, we are all ‘The Church.’ And we are collectively responsible to lead people to Jesus and welcome them back into His family, the Church, whether that is at The Rock or preparing them and placing them where God wants to use them elsewhere!


From the very beginning it was called The Rock, an Untraditional Church and that was only at the prompting of the Holy Spirit upon our Pastor because the Lord said the focus was to be on our intense worship of Jesus, the true Rock of our salvation and upon God’s Word and His ways and not on the traditions of man. We trust this is never taken in offense by anyone because none was intended. God has called us all to simply follow Him.    


Since the beginning we have been a nondenominational church that is affiliated with Elim Fellowship for pastoral, leadership, spiritual, ethical and financial accountability and fellowship. We have always stood on the same Biblically foundational Statements of Faith and beliefs as Elim Fellowship.

(See our What We Believe section.)

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